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Hi Tech Collision Center is the most trusted auto body shop in Canton, Sharon, Stoughton and the surrounding towns. For more than 30 years, Hi Tech Collision Center has been helping the people of Massachusetts. Getting into a car accident can be frightening and overwhelming, which is why we’re dedicated to geting you back on the road as quickly as possible. It’s much easier to do when you’re working with a body shop that can competently perform repairs and also communicate with major insurance companies to expedite the claims process. We will guide you through the repair process and deal directly with your insurance company to ensure you receive the highest quality repairs at the lowest possible price. Trust Hi Tech Collision Center with all your auto body shop needs.

We Are A Direct Repair Facility For Most Insurance Companies.

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auto-body-services-canton-ma-satisfaction-guaranteedEvery repair at Hi Tech Collision Center is backed by a lifetime warranty. Our team of technicians are dedicated to taking care of your auto body shop services through quality workmanship, superior service, and attention to detail. In addition to our outstanding service and superior workmanship, we will deal directly with your insurance company so you don’t have to!

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Auto Body Shop FAQs

Does it matter where I have my vehicle repaired?

Absolutely! Anyone who appraises cars for a living can tell you that the quality of collision repair varies dramatically and the quality of repair makes a big difference in the value of your car. The quality of repair depends on several things: (1) the skill and attention of the body tech and painter; (2) the quality of the equipment and tools; (3) the materials, paint and parts used; and (4) the overall management of the process and quality control. We have made a substantial investment in all areas of quality to ensure that the repair of your vehicle is the very best possible. Remember, if your car is damaged, you have the right to choose where it is repaired. If you’re like most people, your car is probably your second biggest investment, so make sure you choose a collision center with the very highest quality repairs.


Do you repair vehicles other than Toyotas?

Yes. We repair all makes and models.


My insurance company recommended another shop, can I still have my vehicle repaired by you?

Yes. Some insurance companies own collision repair shops or have an incentive to refer work to a specific shop. However, your vehicle is a large investment and you have a legal right to decide where it will be repaired after an accident.


What is a PRO Shop or a “Direct Repair Facility”?

Insurance companies will often establish a relationship with collision centers to streamline the repair process. We have such a relationship with several insurance companies. Essentially, it allows us to begin repairs on a vehicle without waiting for the insurance estimator to inspect the vehicle. In any event, you can decide where your vehicle is repaired whether or not the collision center is a direct repair facility.


Do you guarantee your auto body work?

Yes. We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of our repairs for as long as you own the vehicle.


How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

We pride ourselves on efficiency and on-time delivery. However, the exact repair time on your vehicle depends on some things outside of our control. For example, Parts availability and the responsiveness of your insurance company can affect the time it takes to complete a repair. When we prepare your estimate, we will let you know based upon our years of experience how long it will take to repair your vehicle and then we will keep in touch with you if there is a change in our original time estimate.

A good “rule of thumb” for how long your vehicle will be in the shop is to expect your vehicle to be in the shop for about 2 – 3 working days for every $1000 of damage. So if you have a $2000 job, you can expect your car to be in the shop for 4 – 6 working days.


Do you work on vehicles that have not been in an accident?

Absolutely! If your car has been dinged or scratched, we can repair it. We also perform a full detail on your vehicle. Often some minor cosmetic work and a full detail can make you feel like you have a brand-new vehicle.


Do you use factory parts?

Yes. We prefer to use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for all repairs and we do everything within our power to maximize the use of OEM parts. Your insurance company might only pay for aftermarket, rebuilt, recycled, or reconditioned parts. If you have questions, do not hesitate to discuss it with one of our trained estimators.


Do you have rental cars available?

Yes. We work to provide our customers with rental cars. Whether your insurance will pay for a rental car depends upon your coverage. Check your policy or with your agent. (Even if you have “full coverage” it does not necessarily mean that you have rental car coverage.)

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